Have Yourself a Yoga Retreat in Bali

Rano Salieva from Thousand and One Land¬†gives us her insight of why Bali is a perfect place for that healthy retreat you’ve been planning for.


Once Bob Koke, the American photographer, and a surfer, opened his one and only hotel on the Kuta Beach, Bali’s popularity soared. The tropical island receives glowing reviews for outstanding surfing conditions, relentless waves, and stunning vistas. But the development has not stopped there. Once it was established as a popular surfing destination, Bali reinvented itself. It is now a complex, intricate combination of different subcultures with the traditional culture, carefully preserved and cherished by the locals and foreigners. There are only handful of places, where the idea of a holiday being a rejuvenating, health-boosting activity is fully supported by the overall atmosphere of a place and plethora of recreational activities to choose from, and Bali is one of them. Take a look at this list of reasons why Bali is a perfect place for a health retreat and start packing your bags.


  1. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people. Support is the main ingredient for success. The more health enthusiasts you meet on your vacation the better chance you will stick with your new lifestyle. Bali is a mecca for lovers of yoga, surfing, spa, wellness, and detox. Not to mention the local people, who by nature, are health conscious – their choice of cuisine is mostly vegetarian and their culture embraces spirituality and mindfulness. You will find new friends, and their presence and undisputed faith in you will make it increasingly easy for you to fall into healthy routines, develop good habits and fall in love with your new self.
  2. In Bali it never gets boring. You won’t get anxious and stressed while on a health retreat in Bali, but you won’t get bored either. There are so many activities to choose from: from things requiring high concentration and constant movement, that will keep you fit and motivated, to things that are more relaxing and rejuvenating, that will ensure your anxiety levels are in check. You can go surfing, diving, hiking and sightseeing in between yoga sessions. Bali brings you the best of the both worlds, you are not stuck in the middle of nowhere – you have access to all the external stimulus while learning to listen to your inner voice.
  3. You’ll eat healthy without stressing out about it. Whether you are vegetarian or a meat lover, Balinese cuisine is delicious and extremely healthy. And you don’t even have to worry about cooking your own meals, the variety of restaurants is impressive and prices are very cheap. Whatever diet you are following, you can be sure to find a place that will cater to your needs.
  4. Bali hosts some of the best health retreats in the world. Due to its longstanding “exotic escape” reputation and a high level of tourism development, Bali is home to some of the most luxurious and relaxing retreats in the world. The retreats are usually located in quieter parts of the communities, in the middle of the rice fields, but still close enough to the center. They provide more than just an accommodation. They introduce you to a wholesome health retreat experience with yoga and surfing classes offered on the spot, stunning views of the rice fields and enchanting atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation. One of such places is Omah Apik Pejeng Bali, where you can fully immerse into the idyllic healthy lifestyle.
  5. Traditions of the island will encourage your newly found lifestyle. Balinese people are strong believers in gods power and their connectedness to the human world. Their religious traditions are aimed at pleasing the spirits with daily offerings and colorful ceremonies. Spirituality is almost tangible, it permeates every pore of your skin and you connect with the world around.
  6. The scenery is breathtaking and contemplative. Depending on the type of accommodation you chose for your health retreat, every morning you will wake up to either a view of an extensive rice field or a calming turquoise ocean. Spared of the constant distractions of the city, your eyes will finally get some rest and your mind will start wandering.
  7. Inspiration is boundless. A common definition for a health retreat is a solo vacation where you are surrounded by peaceful scenery, nature loving people and where you can reconnect with yourself. In Bali, you meet people with different backgrounds and unusual stories to tell, but they all have something in common – they are incredibly passionate about what they do and always stay true to themselves. Seeing such dedication to one’s values, makes you realize that you don’t have to hide or pretend to be someone else in order to achieve something and that happiness can be found within.


Not all villages are made equal. If you are convinced to go on a health retreat in Bali by the time you finish this post, make sure you pick Ubud as your home base since it hosts best retreats on the island and is a cultural and spiritual center of Bali.


For booking inquiries at Omah Apik Pejeng Bali contact omahapikpejengbali@gmail.com


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