7 Activities Essentials to Your Bali Experience

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Enhance Your Bali Experience

Rano Salieva from Thousand and One Land shares with us her choices of activities to maximize her Bali experience. Are you in search of soul body and mind balance? Are you a wave chaser? Do you enjoy the sights of golden sunrise from the top of mountain? There is something for everyone, all you have to do is be here.

7 Types of Activities Essentials to Your Bali Experience Planning

I arrived in Bali airport early in the morning, when the sun was starting to rise above the remnants of the clouds and the air was still thick from the sleepiness of the night. I had three things on my mind: beach, work, and surf. Instead, I spent the first couple of days trying to organize and prioritize all the activities, as I found out that there was so much more to Bali experience than I initially expected. Bali puts you in adventurous mode, so you want to constantly experience new things, but it also reminds you of the importance of balance. Here is the list of active things to do in Bali, when the thought of another day at the beach makes you snooze.

  1. Surfing – whether you are a beginner or a pro, Bali has the right kind of wave for you. Take it to Kuta to learn the ropes of the craft, or go to Uluwatu to surf among more experienced crowd. There are a lot of surfing spots in the world, but Bali is special: the ocean is warm and welcoming, the sun is shining all year round, there is no shortage of great surfing schools and qualified instructors, and on an island, where everyone surfs, it is hard to not fall the victim of the mass hysteria.

Check out: Bali Waves

The website offers information related to Surfing in Bali, from the swell forecast to the surf spot recommendations. Looking for surfing accommodation to fit your needs? They got it too.

  1. Do a yoga retreat – it is calming, refreshing and a life-changing experience, to say the least. Even if you never tried yoga before, the abundance of classes for beginners and the overall welcoming attitude will make you forget about awkwardness of the first failed attempts. Yoga is a lifestyle. With tons of vegetarian options served at the restaurants, hotels and guesthouses offering yoga classes, the overall relaxing atmosphere and palpable spirituality of the island, you don’t just do yoga in Bali – you plunge into a new way of living, head over heels. If you are planning to do a yoga retreat, stay in Ubud, as it hosts some of the best yoga retreats in Bali and is a spiritual center of the island.

Check out: Bali Spirit Festival, coming up this March. The annual festival attracts not only foreigner but also local visitors.

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  1. Diving – while you have to drive quite far from the usual tourist center of Bali to get to Amed, it is still worth a trip. Not only it will give you a break from your action packed schedule, but you will see the authentic side of Bali, that has not been affected by the tourism industry yet. Amed gives you the chance to see and admire the ocean’s depth without bothersome distractions of human life. Other places to dive include Nusa Lembongan and Gili Islands, which would require a boat trip from Bali.

Check out: Bali Diving  – the website offers information on snorkeling, diving, diving course & certification, etc. They have special offers too, so make sure you check them out.

  1. Spa – Bali is an island where relaxation and constant movement go hand in hand. One day you are energized and creative, and the next day you are calm and happily idle. Balinese spa and massage serve that exact purpose – to bring you back to the present moment when the excitement and the infinity of options get too overwhelming. Total rejuvenation and mellow state of mind after the spa are guaranteed.

Check out: SKIN Organic Spa & Waxing Salon, located in the popular street of Goutama Ubud. Don’t be fooled by the tiny entrance, the spa actually has quite a big reputation. It’s definitely one of the admin’s favorite.

  1. White Water Rafting – rafting is a dangerous sport, but few places on Earth offer such breathtaking views as Bali rivers’ shores, and in order to see them, you’ve got to take risks. Rafting gives you the thrill of exploration and pumps the blood veins with adrenaline. The tours last from two to three hours with a short lunch at the end.

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  1. Hiking and trekking. The extensive rice fields, sleeping volcanoes, sacred mountains and hidden, narrow tracks are indispensable parts of Balinese landscape, that present perfect conditions for hiking. While some trails would require you to hire a guide, there are a lot of mini treks that can be done individually. The popular guided hiking trek is Mount Batur. For a leisurely walk through rice fields try the Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud.

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  1. Take a cooking class. Balinese food is a heavenly treat, full of flavors, spices, and exotic ingredients. A cooking class will teach you the basic principles of Balinese cuisine and show you how to make classic dishes. The variety of ingredients and the assortment of fresh, locally produced fruits and vegetable will make you never want to eat bland western food again. After a cooking class, you will treat food making as a fascinating and exciting craft.

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