Omah Apik on the Essential Tips for Your First Bali Trip

essential bali tips for first time

Omah Apik Pejeng Bali often hosts the island of Gods first-timer. Some was hesitant on using the scooter, some was more afraid on the food. On an island of vast, green fields, turquoise waters, and welcoming smiles, one can easily forget about the crazy, rushing world outside and fall into a bliss of total relaxation. Before you give up to the calming power of tropical nature, check out these tips for your first time visit to Bali as they will make your much anticipated escape a lot better.


Don’t be discouraged by the crowds

Bali is a well-known tourist destination. Sometimes it looks like there is not a single corner left undiscovered on the island and, wherever you go, you stumble upon hoards of tourists. Travel forums paint a gloomy picture of overdevelopment and traffic jams. Yet, most of these claims are an exaggerated nonsense. Bali is like an engaging book – no matter how many times you read it, there is always something new to discover and ponder upon. Take every raging comment with a bit of salt, because Bali is a true paradise and paradise is infinite.


Rent a motorbike

Motorbike or a scooter is the easiest and the best way to explore Bali. And then, of course, you have the options of hiring a taxi, a private driver or even a private motorbike driver. But if you want to experience the exhilaration of unlimited freedom and get access to beautiful hidden beaches, renting a bike is, undoubtedly, the perfect solution. The cost of rent is low, there is an abundance of rent shops scattered around the island and the happy bikers, cruising airily from one beach to another, will make you obsessed with this mode of transportation.


Pick your accommodation wisely

A thorough research goes a long way. Balinese villages are diverse and each has its own unique vibe.

Kuta remains a magnet for wild party goers, Ubud is a spiritual center of the island, Canggu hosts a large community of expats and artists and Uluwatu is a surfer’s heaven. These are most popular Bali destinations, but there are also less known shores of North and West Bali. Although accommodation choice might seem overwhelming at a first glance, all you need to do is determine the overall purpose of vacation and decide which type of a crowd you want to hang out with.

Of course, do not forget to check on Omah Apik Pejeng Bali for accommodation just outside Ubud Center. Calm and tranquil, just a step away from the center yet close enough to the center to fulfil your social needs with 15 minutes scooter ride.


Beware of Bali belly

A mysterious disease that has been threatening people’s vacations ever since Bali has been discovered, Bali belly is no more than a simple stomach reaction to unfamiliar food and water. Some are lucky to have been spared by the disease, others spend two or three days in bed every time they visit. Precautions include a bottle of Yakult every day and a careful consideration of the state of hygiene at the restaurants.


Drink beer. Avoid Alcohol mix that you are not aware of!

Since foreign alcohol is imported to Bali, the cost of drinks is disappointingly high. Moreover, the number of reports on people being poisoned by cheap, locally brewed alcohol is very disturbing. Having said that, local beer is a real treat. If you are looking for traditional alcohol, go with a trusted local for arak or tuak. But avoid the alcohol mix that you aren’t familiar with, this problem is real serious and have taken many death casualties. Know what you drink, it is really all you need to enjoy a breezy evening on the beach, overlooking a stunning sunset.


Enjoy but respect the ocean

The ocean is a capricious child – its mood is changing with an unexpected frequency and its waves are billowing with a perplexing impermanence. For a first time visitor, it is hard to form a fair judgment of water and weather conditions, so whether you are a swimmer or a surfer, don’t let the illusion of a peaceful ocean catch you off guard.


Understand the story behind prayer’s offerings

You will see a lot of square round palm leaves filled with rice and flowers in front of all buildings. Don’t step on them as they are religious offerings, that are to be respected. Offerings mark Balinese people hopes and dedication to keep good relationships with good or bad spirits.


Don’t forget to pack the must-have items

There are three things you won’t be able to survive without in Bali:

– Sunscreen and sunglasses, because Bali sun is scorchingly hot and intensely bright

– A surfboard, because Bali has the best waves on Earth

– A sense of adventure, because Bali is a place, that fills the heart with a rush of excitement and turns dedicated workaholics into daring explorers.

written by Rano Salieva

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